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Paul & Joe Autumn/Winter 2014


I can’t wait for it to heal in a couple weeks so I can color it and show my grandma’s artwork in its full glory.

They Are Wearing: MFW
Photo by Kuba Dabrowski


She by Tyler, the Creator feat. Frank Ocean

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Black Girls Code:  This Is What the Next Generation of Engineers Looks Like

by Laura Drell
In college and during her career, Kimberly Bryant often found herself the only black female scientist in the room. The biotech engineer founded the Bay Area non-profit Black Girls CODE in 2011 so that today’s young girls will never find themselves in that position. Bryant realized that it wasn’t a lack of interest in science that led to a dearth of diversity in her field; it was a lack of access. Black Girls CODE’s goal is to drive access and exposure, closing the digital divide.
Black Girls CODE introduces young girls of color to computer programming, mobile app development, robotics and other STEM fields, so the girls can learn how to build the tools they want to see in the world.  [Continue reading article at Mashable.]